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web master

Job Description

The webmaster is the troop’s website maintainer. Though not a voting member, they attend meetings of the patrol leaders’ council and post articles from historian and scribe. The importance of online marketing and presence is critical for helping scouts keep up with events, forms, leadership positions, and general news about the troop. You will coordinate with the Scribe and Historian. The Scribe should provide info on upcoming events, where the Historian provides you what actually happened at the event.


  • Helps maintain the troop website.
  • Gets trained up on modern day web development and marketing. To get started, see this page.
  • Set two personal goals – develop and implement two SMART goals.
  • Submit a written report of your experience to your position coordinator and bring a copy to your next scoutmaster conference.
  • Completes Introduction to Leadership Skill Training (ILST)
  • Wear my uniform correctly, set a good example, practice the Scout Oath and Law – a standard responsibility of all the troop leadership positions.

This position meets with your Position Coordinator at least every 2 months to report on his progress towards his goals. This ensures he is fulfilling his duties and will receive rank advancement credit. Use the position coordinator as  an adult mentor that you can go to with ideas and for advice.

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