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Using Slack

by Webmaster

With any technology that is introduced, we want to be clear on how we ensure we adhere to Youth Protection principles. We also need technology to help coordinate menus, itineraries, camp gear, maps, merit badges, and more.

Here are the rules with using Slack:

  • Visibility: This is a service which enables everyone to see every post. So, two deep leadership will be in play at all times. All posts, direct messages, and chats are monitored and are NOT private.
  • Permission: Have your Scouts get permission from their parents to connect and use this service.
  • Parents: If they do not want their Scout to join this service, tell them that that is fine. If they have questions or concerns, to let us know.
  • Parents: Invite the parents to create an account and connect to this service also or a single account for them and their Scout.
  • Direct Messaging (DM): This is a feature available in Slack. It enables one person to send a private message to another person in the channel. Direct messaging is not any different than the ability to text someone directly on the phone or send a email directly to a Scout without including a 2nd person as a recipient.
  • All Adults: If you are an adult and you receive a message from a youth, you must tell them to include another adult on the thread immediately. Follow the guidelines of Safe Scouting, Youth Protection and Two-Deep Leadership.

If there is ever an issue, tell your unit leaders immediately and inform your Council Executive.