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Senior Patrol Leader

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Job Description

With three green bars behind the Scout emblem, the senior patrol leader’s shoulder patch symbolizes one of the oldest leadership positions in Scouting. The Boy Scouts of America has long recognized the senior patrol leader as the highest youth leadership position in a troop. They are the primary link between a troop’s Scouts and its adult leaders. They shoulder the responsibility for leading meetings of the troop and the patrol leaders’ council and provide valuable leadership in planning and carrying out the troop’s program of outdoor activities, service projects, and events.


  • runs all troop meetings, events, activities, and the annual program planning conference
  • runs the patrol leaders’ council (PLC) meetings
  • appoints other troop junior leaders with the advice and counsel of the Scoutmaster
  • assigns duties and responsibilities to junior leaders
  • assists the Scoutmaster with junior leader training
  • sets a good example
  • wears the Scout uniform correctly
  • lives by the Scout Oath and Law
  • shows Scout spirit
  • Senior Patrol Leader Handbook



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