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Gettysburg Battlefield – Nov 18-20th

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We will be camping at Artillery Ridge campground on Nov. 18-20 and hiking thru the battlefield and visitor center. We will learn about this battle, leadership decisions that were made, what would you do situations, and how this was a pivotal point in the war.

Overview: We went to Gettysburg for a campout to learn about the town’s history as a battlefield and how it was instrumental in helping the north win the civil war. We hiked around the town to visit the museums and the battlefield where the battle took place.

How we prepared: We talked about how long the hike would be and told people to dress appropriately for the weather. We also talked about the importance of having a sleeping bag that could withstand the temperatures and keep you warm at night

On Friday night we arrived at the campsite where we spent the night. In the morning, we had breakfast and pre-prepared lunch to eat on the go. We then left to go visit Gettysburg. We visited the museum, battlefield, and more as we walked around Gettysburg (totaling around 9 miles). After this, we went back to the campsite where we did activities and had dinner. After this, we went to bed and awoke Sunday morning to head back home.

What we learned: We learned the importance of packing well for a cold-weather camping trip and we learned about how Gettysburg affected the American Civil War through museums and by visiting major landmarks in the area.

Why these lessons are important: Packing appropriately is very important for cold weather camping, especially because if you don’t pack appropriately, you might have to endure higher consequences than you would have to otherwise have to endure in other seasons. Learning from our past is a great way of learning how to change the future and help the most people in the future and how we can better our lives and the lives of people around us.

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