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Chaplain’s Aide

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Chaplain's Aide

Job Description

The Chaplain Aide works with the Troop Chaplain to meet the religious and mental health needs of the Scouts in the troop. He also works to promote the religious emblems program.


• Assists in the mental care of the troop, especially with younger scouts that may have a hard time on camp outs.

• Maintain a high participation rate of at least 50% of meetings and campouts.

• Keep troop leader appraised of religious holidays when planning .

• Assist Chaplain or religious coordinator in meeting the religious needs of troop members while on activities.

• Encourage saying grace at meals while camping or on activities.

• Tell Scouts about the religious emblem program of their faith.

• Set two personal goals – Implement and document with two SMART goals that will improve the morale of the troop.

• Submit a written report of your experience to your position coordinator and bring a copy to your next scoutmaster conference.

• Completes Introduction to Leadership Skill Training (ILST)

• Wear my uniform correctly, set a good example, practice the Scout Oath and Law – a standard responsibility of all the troop leadership positions.


This position meets with your Position Coordinator at least every 2 months to report on his progress towards his goals. This ensures he is fulfilling his duties and will receive rank advancement credit. Use the position coordinator as  an adult mentor that you can go to with ideas and for advice.


Video on chaplain’s duties in the Airforce:


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