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BramFest Bake Sale – October 22

As you all know, we had our annual BramFest on Saturday, October 22. Our Troop ran a bakesale to raise money for our Troop. We sold cookies, candy, and other snacks. Our scouts experienced how to run a bakesale and interact with our customers. Our scouts had a lot of fun running the baksale and helping others. At the end of the BramFest, our scouts stay and helped clean up the area. The organizers of the BramFest were very grateful for our help and behavior.

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We will be hosting a bake sale on Oct 22nd to raise funds for Troop 761’s new trailer. If you haven’t already, please sign up at:


We will also be selling bottled water and helping clean-up the grounds during the event. Looking forward to seeing you there and talking about scouting and enjoying a good cookie!

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