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2022-2023 Youth Program

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2022-2023 Troop Event Calendar was decided by the Patrol Leader Council. Each Patrol Leader brought their ideas to a half day meeting to plan out the year.

Month Theme Campout / Activity
September Pioneering Webeloree
WO&D Trail Clean-up
October Backpacking Backpacking Trip
Brambleton Festival
November Automotive Maintenance Gettysburg Campout
Open House
December Cyberchip Merit Badge Cabin Campout
January Cold Weather Camping Video Game Lock-in
February Navigation Freeze-o-ree Campout
Scout Sunday
March Ropes Zipline Campout
New Scout Hike
April Scout Skills Challenge Camp Snyder Scout Skills Challenge Campout
May Paddle Sports Canoeing
June Summer Camp Camp Olmstead (Camp Goshen)
July High Adventure and Patrol Topics Philmont!
Other activities we continue to support include:
  • Quarterly WO&D trail clean-up
  • Team America Rocket Challenge
  • Flag Retirement ceremonies
  • Scouting for Food
  • Many community volunteer opportunities and Eagle Scout projects!

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