Path To First Class

New Scouts that join the troop are assigned a senior scout mentor to help guide them on their journey to First Class.

Patrol Organization

We utilize three different patrol types: New Scout, Traditional, and Venture. Troop and patrol leadership positions are voted on every 6 months.

Outdoor Program

Monthly campouts to keep the scouts active. Patrols are also encouraged to plan their own outings in addition to the troop program, to better serve their own needs and interests.

Youth Leadership Team

The Patrol Method

“The patrol system is not one method in which Scouting can be carried on. It is the only method.” —Lord Baden-Powell, Scouting’s founder

A Scout patrol is a small team of normally six to eight members where Scouts learn skills together, share responsibilities and take on leadership roles.

Troop Positions

As scout skills are mastered, the opportunity to serve the troop in a youth leadership position is required for the ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle. Every 6 months we elect new leaders to provide fresh ideas and challenges. Each youth is teamed with an advisor to set SMART goals for their position.

Adult Leadership Team

The adult leadership team helps make sure the youth team can be successful with the aims of scouting: Character Development, Leadership Development, Citizenship Training, and Personal Fitness. Troop 761 is very fortunate to have strong participation from its adults.

Scoutmaster Team

Boy Scouts is a boy-led, boy-run organization, but the boys must be trained to be leaders. One of the Scoutmaster’s most important responsibilities. This team provides training and mentorship to the youth leadership team, provide safety, trailer transport, and other aspects to ensure scouts can be successful. Adults are well trained in many areas from Backcountry backpacking to Woodbadge programs.

American Legion Post 2001

Troop 761's Chartered Org is the American Legion Post 2011. We partner together to provide a great youth program and increase patriotism in the community.

Troop Committee

The Troop Committee helps support the Troop Program. All registered adults are encouraged to be members. The Committee is critical to ensure all paperwork and the business end of the Troop's operations runs smoothly.

Upcoming Events

  • Rohan’s Eagle Project Volunteer Opportunity

    by Webmaster

    We will be installing adhesive labels on storm drains in the Moorefield Green neighborhood to spread awareness about storm drain pollution and the impact on major water sources, like the Potomac River. Most pollution is not caused by people dumping chemicals into storm drains on purpose, but comes from fertilizer runoff, washing your car, pet waste, not maintaining your car and having it leak fluids on the roads, etc… By providing awareness to the community, I hope to generate awareness of the issue and to change bad habits. We plan on labeling 304 storm drains and with teamwork, we can easily complete it in 2 days.

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  • Aalap’s Eagle Project Volunteer Opportunity

    by Webmaster

    On August 30, 1862, The order to begin the attack was greeted with the screams of 6,000 Union soldiers charging across the fields of Lucinda Dogan’s farm. As they charged across, thousands of muskets and booming cannon fire shed blood over the battlefield. When the battle was over one hour later, the ranks of union soldiers had been decimated in the largest federal attack of Second Manassas. This battle took place by the unfinished railroad tracks of Deepcut, with the dead were buried where they had fallen. To commemorate this ancient piece of history and honor those who lost their lives that day, multiple Eagle Scout candidates have collaborated to build a wooden boardwalk stretching over 600 feet over an old footpath for easier traveling in rough conditions. Each Eagle scout is allowed to complete 40 feet of the boardwalk, and this project isn’t possible without your support!

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Previous Events

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We meet every Monday at Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School in the school cafeteria at 7 PM.

43330 Loudoun Reserve Dr, Ashburn, VA 20148