• When is the Troop 761 Open House
    The 2017 Open House will be held on Monday, 4 December, 2017 at 7PM. Back to Top
  • Can we visit a Troop 761 meeting to see how you run your troop?
    Yes, our meetings are open for all interested families to attend. You can get the details on the time and place in our “When and Where” page under the “Welcome” menu.
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  • My son wants to join Troop 761. Can you help us perform the cross-over ceremony?
    Absolutely. Refer to This Document to find out how. Back to Top
  • My son hasn’t had the crossover ceremony yet but wants to start Boy Scouts right away, can he attend meetings and outings?
    Once a Webelos has satisfied the age requirements for joining (See “Who can join…” below), filled out a new Scout application and paid the fees, he can start attending the meetings, activities, outings, and events. If your son is 11 or has earned his Arrow of Light, he can join right away. He may wear his full Webelos uniform to troop events until his crossover occurs.
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  • Who can join a Boy Scout Troop? Do you have to have been a Cub Scout? Do you need the Arrow of Light award?
    Any boy that meets the official age requirements may join. They are “Be a boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old.” So being in Cub Scouts or earning the Arrow of Light award is not required, but earning the Arrow of Light award can enable a boy to join before he turns 11 or finishes fifth grade.

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  • My son is joining Boy Scouts this Spring and wants to attend camp this summer. If I’ve missed the deadline, can he still go?
    We have set aside a number of camping slots for new Boy Scouts. Please contact the Troop 761 Scoutmaster and Summer Camp Coordinator as soon as possible to get signed up. Here are the e-mail addresses you need.
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  • Can you explain the “Joining Requirements” and the “Scout Rank”?
    When your son joins a troop (by meeting the age requirements, filling out an application and paying the fees), he may attend meetings and events but he is not officially a Boy Scout until he earns the Scout Rank by completing the Joining Requirements. He can complete these requirements very quickly and will receive his Scout Rank to wear on his uniform. Earning the Scout Rank is the first step in advancing through ranks from Tenderfoot all the way to Eagle.
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